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Barbells are a must for strength training. You can use various barbells, depending on the muscles you want to work and the exercises you want to do. Distinctions can be made between short and long barbells and between hollow and solid materials (Olympic barbells). The latter were implemented in Olympic competitions because they are somewhat longer and more stable and can bear more weight.

The HAMMER SPORT Online Shop has a large selection of affordable barbells that are suitable for beginners and pros. The FINNLO short barbells are very popular. With these barbells you can effectively train your entire body, and you can also quickly store the barbells under the sofa or bed once you are done with your workout.

Those who would like to go easy on their wrists when lifting weights should pick up the FINNLO SZ- curl barbell. The curved handgrip allows you to keep your wrist in a natural position.

Exercising with barbells

One of the most effective exercises in strength training is the squat with barbell. You intensely train all leg muscles and many other muscle groups with this barbell exercise. Take the FINNLO solid long barbell; it is 1.80 cm long and can hold up to 200kg of weight. Hold the barbell a little wider than shoulder width and place it on the lower part of the nape of your neck. Then slowly bend the knees with your back straight until your thighs are parallel to the floor. The knees point over the tips of your toes and your buttocks move backward. Briefly hold the position and then straighten your legs again.

Test out barbells

You can easily test out our various barbells in our HAMMER SPORT Factory Stores. Our competent sales personnel will give you extensive advice. All you need to do is ask. You can also call to get help with all things concerning barbells. You can also get professional advice on our barbells in Bielefeld or Leipzig.



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