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Dumbbell set

Dumbbell sets are ideally suited for varied strength training at home. Dumbbell sets can be used in diverse ways and are essential to exercising with free weights. There is hardly a single athletic household that does not own a dumbbell set.

There is a distinction between long and short dumbbells. The dumbbell sets are comprised of a long or short dumbbell, weight plates and fasteners. Long dumbbells are primarily used for squats, bench pressing and exercising at a dumbbell station, while the short dumbbells are mostly used as free weights or on exercise benches.

We have the right dumbbell set for everyone in our range of products in the HAMMER SPORT Online Shop. For beginners we recommend the complete set from HAMMER. You can comprehensively train all of your muscles with the HAMMER 53 kg long and short dumbbell set . The Men'sHealth POWERTOOLS long barbell set Super Weights is perfect for professional strength training at home. With an overall weight of 70kg, you can effectively train your arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs.

Exercising with the dumbbell set

A dumbbell set is excellent for training your entire body. You continually give your body new incentive to grow and simultaneously make your strength training more interesting if you frequently switch between long and short dumbbells. You can perfectly execute long barbell exercises such as bench pressing, for example, using the FINNLO inclined bench and the FINNLO long barbell exercise station. While lying down, grab the long barbell with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Let the barbell slowly sink down to your chest and after a short pause push the weight back upward in a controlled manner. This basic exercise works your entire pectoral muscle and gives it a nice form.

Test our dumbbell and weight sets

Visit us in one of our HAMMER SPORT Factory Stores if you would like to try out the dumbbell set in person before making a purchase. We are happy to give you advice about dumbbell sets and strength training at home. Of course, you can also reach by telephone.

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